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Welcome to Hegde fertility training center situated at heart of city. Hegde Fertility Center offers the most advanced training program to candidates who are enthusiastic to make a career in the field of assisted reproductive technologies.

Unlike the numerous medical procedures have undergone by patients at various corporate hospitals, infertility procedures by Gynaecologist in Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad, are the only one that tries to breathe a new life into the world rather than escape death or some other kind of disability within the human body. Due to this fact, we at HEGDE hospital believe that one of the most important aspects of this delicate procedure is to understand the patient’s problems through patience and sound analysis and counsel any psychological or social disputes before the actual procedure. The couple will be seen by the primary consultant or best gynecologist in Hyderabad from day one onwards who will be responsible for all the consultations thereafter to maintain a constant level of interaction with all patients.

The couple will be thoroughly investigated and counseled in detail about their fertility status and all treatment options available. The couple’s problems and comfort are always given due importance. All fertility treatments In Madhapur under the conscientious supervision of reputed Gynaecologist in Madhapur are followed as per appropriate protocols and are evidence-based. Incorporating the latest in technology the patients at the hospital can enjoy complete transparency
through all the procedures.

Our practice follows the highest standards in ethics while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Course Objectives

We at our fertility center offering IVF, IUI and Andrology training courses, the program courses will provide a depth of knowledge and understanding of topics and issues within the field of Assisted Reproduction Technology. A complete learning experience will be provided not only just through lectures and videos by eminent people in this field as well as by hands-on-training.